A very important point when using robots in industry is the programming of the robots. Each individual robot must of course be programmed for certain applications so that the various applications can be carried out.

Programming most robots requires good programming skills and it usually takes a lot of time to program the robots. This makes them inflexible and of course adds to the costs.

It is different with the collaborating robots from Universal Robots. They are very easy to program for various reasons.
You too can learn and use the programming of UR’s Cobots in a very short time.

Get started with the Universal Robots Academy

Universal Robots wants to make automation with collaborating robots accessible to everyone. The Universal Robots Academy is the first step in this direction.
At Universal Robots’ free online academy you will learn how to set up and program Cobots within 90 minutes. No previous knowledge is necessary and you can take as much time as you need.
In addition to the general basics, you will also learn how to program specific applications.

Universal Robots offers various forms of training at the Academy. We are sure there is something suitable for you:

What other reasons are there for easy programming?

Intuitive operation with the 3D interface

The tablet for setting up and programming Universal Robots’ collaborating robots is intuitive to use. It allows you to program the desired applications in a very short time.

Programming by moving the robot arms

By using waypoints in programming, you can manually guide the robot arm to the desired waypoints. The robot is then automatically programmed for this way. You do not need to write a line of code, but set up waypoint by waypoint.

Drag and Drop Programming

Programming is also possible with drag and drop. You can easily create your desired sequence. The intuitive structure of the software makes this work very easy for you.

Force Torque Sensor

Thanks to the Force Torque Sensor in the collaborating robots, the robot itself can be programmed for high-precision applications.

Visit the UR Academy now or arrange a free Cobot demo. Then you can convince yourself of the easy programming.

You would like to convince yourself personally?

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