After the purchase you want to use the Cobot quickly and benefit from it?

That is no problem. Universal Robots’ Cobots do not require months of programming and workstations do not need to be replanned. In most cases, the production layout does not have to be changed either.

This again has several benefits. The costs of the setup are kept within limits and the Cobot is quickly ready for use and can immediately contribute to the success of the company.

How long does the first setup take?

From delivery, unpacking to carrying out the first task, usually only one hour passes. Within an hour you unpack the Cobot and can already program a small task.

This quick setup is mainly possible due to the intuitive interface. In addition, Universal Robots’ Cobots are powered by normal electricity, which makes it easier to integrate the robots into working environments where there is no power supply.

In this video you can see how fast the first setup can be done:

Does this also work with the end effectors?

A Cobot without an end effector is like an arm without a hand. End effectors are therefore necessary to be able to perform certain tasks. Universal Robots also takes this aspect into account. With the UR+ solutions Universal Robots follows the “Plug and Produce” approach.

This approach becomes clear very quickly, because you do not need an additional control unit for the end effector. You set everything up with the Universal Robots interface. This setup is also as easy and fast as setting up the Cobot.

UR+ products are Universal Robots certified products from other manufacturers that can be used with a Universal Robots Cobot.

Would you like to know more about this benefit? We will be happy to visit you and you can see for yourself that a Cobot from Universal Robots can be set up really quickly and that you can save further costs.

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