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UR20 - Collaborative robots redefined.

Automate like never before!

Universal Robots is launching a new generation of collaborative robotics with the UR20. Significantly more powerful and faster, the UR20 cobot opens up new, previously impossible fields of application for collaborative robots. However, UR also remains true to its recipe for success with its latest product: high flexibility, compactness and unparalleled user-friendliness.

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Technical details

The biggest update ever for the new UR20!

The UR20 was conceived, designed and constructed from scratch. Hardware and software interact harmoniously and ensure high-performance control. Extremely robust and powerful, a new joint design takes the strain off the mechanics of the robot arm and generates smooth motion sequences. You will automate like never before. And significantly increase your productivity and throughput.

Radius 1750 mm
Load capacity 20 kg
Floor space Ø 245 mm
Weight 64 kg
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