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UR10e – Long range with high payload

Certain processes require a larger radius, a higher payload or even both at the same time. Then UR10e is used. It combines a high payload of 12,5kg with a large radius of 1300mm. This makes it ideal for more complex applications that require special features. At the same time, it can also be used in a space-saving and completely flexible manner.

Technical details

Although the UR10e Cobot has a long range of 1300mm and a high payload of 10kg, it does not lose precision and performance. This collaborative robot can be used in many machine tending, palletizing and packaging applications. You can also use this wide range of applications in your company and further secure your business success.

Radius 1300 mm
Payload 12,5 kg
Footprint Ø 190 mm
Weight 33,5 kg
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E-Series Brochure

ISO 10218 Certificate

ISO 13849-12015 Certificate

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