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Our financial service: Cobot leasing

We know that you want to automate more in order to improve your competitiveness, profit and growth. However, especially for small and medium-sized companies, automation is usually a little more difficult to achieve. Here, finances play a major role and can slow down the process of automation considerably. That's why you can easily lease a cobot from us.

Fast and low-risk option

Benefit from collaborative robotics

We give companies a fast and low-risk way to accelerate automation. Our cobot leasing service allows you to quickly experience the benefits of cobots in your business. You don't have to worry about your cash flow and seasonal fluctuations. Any company, regardless of size, can benefit from our service and start using cobots immediately.

Rising costs, competitive pressure...

Combat the challenges of the market

More and more companies are feeling the pressure of the market. Customers are becoming more demanding and want to receive products faster and more cost-effectively. Added to this is the growing shortage of skilled workers and economic uncertainties. With the flexibility of cobot leasing, you can start using the advantages of automation yourself.

Any company, regardless of size, can benefit from our service and use the cobots immediately.

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