The use of traditional industrial robots is costly and therefore only pays off for high production volumes and consistent applications.

The high cost of conventional robots is mainly due to the cost of lengthy programming, set-up and safety requirements.

However, the collaborative robots from Universal Robots are easy to program yourself, quick to set up, highly flexible to use and also safe and collaborative. This significantly reduces the cost of purchasing an industrial robot.

This is why collaborative robots are also very affordable for small and medium-sized companies.

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What are the financial benefits of using cobots?

Cobots are not only very attractive because of their price and the comparatively low follow-up costs. The savings made by using the cobot also contribute to its financial attractiveness.

Collaborating robots can easily increase a company's productivity in particular. Cobots can continue to work after work and complete prepared tasks until the morning.

In many companies, cobots can be used to counter the shortage of skilled workers, which in turn helps the company's productivity and profitability.

Another reason for savings are the improvements in production quality. The cobots from Universal Robots work with a very high level of repeat accuracy and can therefore perform consistent tasks with maximum precision over a long period of time.

Cobots can significantly reduce waste, especially when polishing, dispensing, painting and other work that requires high precision.

Benefit immediately from the financial advantages with our Cobot Leasing

Together with our partner Grenke Leasing, we can also offer you to lease the collaborative robots. Contact us and we will find the right solution for you. You can start benefiting from the use of collaborative robots immediately. Find out more about our leasing offer here.

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