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UR16e - High payload and short cycle times

A payload of up to 10 kg is not always enough. That's why there is the UR16e from Universal Robots. It offers a payload of up to 16 kg. This allows you to further relieve your employees. The UR16e can be used to lift objects weighing up to 16 kg. This also allows the use of heavier tools.

The UR16e is ideal for applications in which a short cycle time is required and the higher weight also plays a greater role.

Technical details

Use the UR16e for your applications that require a short cycle time and higher payload. This will enable you to further advance automation in your company and, thanks to the collaborative working method, you will not have to make any major changes to your production processes. Your employees are relieved and the company's success is secured.

Radius 900 mm
Load capacity 16 kg
Floor space Ø 190 mm
Weight 33.1 kg
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ISO 10218 certificate

ISO 13849-12015 certificate

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