Collaborating robots from Universal Robots can be used flexibly

Small companies in particular often have various tasks that need to be completed one after the other. There is often no application that can be carried out 24/7 without interruption.
A conventional robot would hardly be profitable in such an environment. It would have to be constantly reprogrammed at great expense and would therefore use up more resources than it would save.
This is different with the collaborative robots from Universal Robots.

A cobot can take over many applications

The cobots from Universal Robots are able to store an unlimited number of application sequences. Once programmed for an application, it can be quickly accessed again later at the touch of a button. You therefore only have to program the cobot once and can then access all saved applications later.

This enables quick workstation changes. In conjunction with an optionally available rolling table, the collaborative robot can be moved from one workstation to another in just a few minutes. Once there, the appropriate stored program is selected and the cobot gets to work.

We have a few real application examples for you:

The effectors can also be changed in no time at all. Once set up, they are immediately ready for use again when plugged in.

A cobot can therefore easily operate several applications and thus contribute even more to the company's success.

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