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Collaborative robots are essential in e-commerce and fulfillment

Sustainable growth in e-commerce is also possible in Switzerland thanks to collaborative robots from Universal Robots. Introduce automated bin picking and packing. Thanks to collaborative robotics, a wide range of applications are possible.

Collaborative robots not only strengthen your growth, but also protect your employees from injuries and monotonous work. The collaborative robot can take over and automate many material handling steps.

Thanks to innovative grippers, machine learning and image processing systems, it is even possible to remove all kinds of objects from unstructured containers. Make your e-commerce, logistics and entire warehouse management significantly faster and more efficient.

What challenges does a collaborative robot have to overcome when handling materials?

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How does the cobot solve the challenges?

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Before you make the decision to purchase a collaborative robot, you may want to find out more information about this technology. In this case, we recommend that you take a look at our free resources, the UR+ solutions or the Universal Robots Academy.

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Are you new to collaborative robots but would like to learn how to operate them? Then take the free training course at the Academy.

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All UR-certified solutions for end effectors can be found in the UR+ area.
We are sure to find a solution for your application.

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