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We are your Swiss address for collaborative robots (cobots) from the market leader Universal Robots. Our robots automate manual tasks efficiently, give your employees more time for more qualified work and impress with their fast commissioning and simple operation.

More than 75,000 robots from Universal Robots are already in use worldwide. See for yourself the wide range of possible applications for automation in your company.

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Why are cobots so important?

Swiss companies of all sizes are facing growing challenges: increasing competitive pressure, a shortage of skilled workers, rising costs and changing qualification requirements.

The use of cost-efficient, flexible and reliable robots offers a promising solution to these challenges. By automating monotonous and unpopular tasks, employees can be relieved, productivity increased and competitiveness sustainably improved.

Our focus is on helping small and medium-sized companies in Switzerland in particular to strengthen their competitiveness and secure Switzerland as a production location.

What does a cobot cost?
Flexible and cost-saving

What advantages do the cobots from Universal Robots offer?

Is a lack of skilled workers slowing down your success? Take the pressure off your team and use the potential of your employees for more demanding tasks. Collaborative robots (cobots) are happy to take on repetitive tasks and thus increase the efficiency of your company.

Numerous companies are already successfully using cobots. Take advantage of this opportunity to optimize your processes!

Advantages of cobots

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Learn all about cobots

Before you make the decision to purchase a collaborative robot, you may want to find out more information about this technology. In this case, we recommend that you take a look at our free resources, the UR+ solutions or the Universal Robots Academy.

Learning about cobots

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Are you new to collaborative robots but would like to learn how to operate them? Then take the free training course at the Academy.

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UR+ solutions

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End effectors

All Universal Robots certified solutions for end effectors can be found in the UR+ area.
We are sure to find a solution for your application.

UR+ solutions

Free resources

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Take a look at our blog, our support page, download the latest software versions or take a look at the maintenance manuals.

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How much does a cobot from Universal Robots cost?

What is the Cobot price? This question cannot be answered with a general figure. That's why we take a look at the individual cost blocks when using a collaborative robot and examine the question of when an investment is worthwhile for you as a user.

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