Automation with Cobots

CHROMOS Group AG is bringing Universal Robots’ collaborative robots (Cobots) to Switzerland.

Already today more than 50000 robots from Universal Robots are in use worldwide. Convince yourself of the manifold application possibilities and drive automation in your company.


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Collaborative robots from Universal Robots

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Why are collaborative robots so important?

As a Swiss company, regardless of its size, you are exposed to great pressure. Competitors are catching up more and more, there is an increasing shortage of qualified specialists, costs are rising and the requirements of new employees are also changing.

A cost-saving, flexible and safe robot is therefore exactly the right approach. It performs repetitive tasks that are unpopular with employees, increases your output and therefore ensures better competitiveness.

It is very important to us that especially small and medium-sized companies in Switzerland achieve a better competitiveness. Switzerland should be maintained as a production location.

Flexible and cost-saving

What advantages does a collaborative robot offer?

Is the shortage of skilled workers hampering your business success? Deploy your employees for better tasks. A collaborating robot will gladly take over repetitive tasks.

Collaborating robots now exist in many companies. You too can benefit from the use of Cobots.

Advantages of the Cobots

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What’s the next step?

Before a personal demonstration of the collaborative robot at your site, check out our other resources and solutions for a Cobot.

Learning about Cobots

Verschrauben mit einem Cobot

Collaborative robots are still strange to you, but you would like to learn how to operate them? Then complete the free training at the Academy.

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UR+ Solutions

Ein Cobot nimmt Kleinteile auf

All UR certified solutions for end effectors can be found in the UR+ section.
We will certainly find a solution for your application.

UR+ Solutions

Free resources

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Take a look at our blog, our support page, download the latest software versions or check out the maintenance manuals.
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How do Cobots help to stay competitive?

For many companies, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a good path in today’s production landscape. What advantages do Cobots bring?

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