UR+ products

Grippers, vision systems, interfaces, software and accessories for collaborative robots

What characterizes a UR+ product?

UR+ products are peripheral devices from third-party suppliers, such as grippers, vision systems and screwdrivers, as well as software, safety accessories and entire application kits. The manufacturer Universal Robots tests these products for compatibility with the UR cobots and certifies them as UR+ products if all requirements are met.

UR+ certified products can be seamlessly integrated and can often be controlled directly via Universal Robots' PolyScope user interface.

Our UR+ products


Take a look at all our Vision UR+ products.

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Grippers of all kinds for many different applications.

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Software for special applications that make programming easy.

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Equip your Cobot for further applications.

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Protective covers, slide kits, sensors and other kits.

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