Introducing the 2FG7 parallel gripper, a powerful and versatile 2-finger gripper that is perfect for limited maneuvering spaces. With a maximum payload of 11 kg, an outer gripping range of up to 73 mm and a gripping force of 20 N to 140 N, the 2FG7 can handle heavy or bulky objects with ease.
Certified to IP67 for harsh environments and ISO Class 5 for use in cleanrooms, the 2FG7 can be used almost anywhere it is needed. In addition, its intuitive software interface makes programming precise force, speed and stroke control settings a breeze.
As part of the OnRobot family of all-electric grippers, the 2FG7 eliminates the need for compressed air and the associated cost and complexity. Choose the 2FG7 for effortless, efficient gripping.

  • Affordable and user-friendly for a quick return on investment
  • Ideal for small rooms and demanding payloads
  • Flexible and precise
  • No compressed air required


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