The new Tech Pendant (3PE) is equipped with an integrated three-point switch as an enabling switch. It can be used with all e-Series robots. The enabling switch is completely integrated into the new e-Series Teach Pendant and is therefore also easy to use via plug-and-play. It can be connected to any control box of the e-Series robots and is ready for immediate use.
It is also fully integrated into the Polyscope software. Therefore all robot movements and Free-Drive are possible in manual mode.

The features of the 3PE Teach Pendant

  • Fully mechanically integrated consent switch
  • Consent switch fully integrated in the software
  • The cable of the standard teach pendant is used for connection
  • Fits in any standard teach pendant holder
  • Two 3PE for individual operation by left – and right-handers
  • Compatible with e-Series robots
  • TÜV-Nord certified: ISO10218-1:2011 and ISO13849-1:2015
  • Protection class IP54


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