The new Tech Pendant (3PE) is equipped with an integrated three-point switch as an enabling switch. It can be used with all e-Series robots. The enabling switch is fully integrated into the new e-Series Teach Pendant and is therefore also easy to use via plug-and-play. It can be connected to any e-Series robot control box and is ready for immediate use.
It is also fully integrated into the Polyscope software. This means that all robot movements and free drive are possible in manual mode.

The features of the 3PE Teach Pendant

  • Fully mechanically integrated enabling switch
  • Enabling switch fully integrated into the software
  • The cable of the standard teach pendant is used for connection
  • Fits into any standard Teach Pendant holder
  • Two 3PE for individual operation by left and right-handers
  • Compatible with e-Series robots
  • TÜV-Nord certified: ISO10218-1:2011 and ISO13849-1:2015
  • Protection class IP54


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