Flexible, collaborative, integrated OnRobot Quick Changer and a stroke of up to 110 mm - this is what characterizes the OnRobot RG2. The robot arm gripper impresses with a payload of 2 kg, it offers simple adaptation, intelligence and fast deployment. Ideal for significantly reducing the development and manufacturing time in your production.

The gripper can be used for a wide variety of applications. The adaptable fingertips provide great flexibility: This allows you to use one tool for different parts in your production process. This maximizes robot utilization. The RG2 gripper can also be combined with a Dual Quick Changer module to enable the simultaneous use of two gripper tools, e.g. an RG6 gripper and an RG2 gripper in parallel.

  • Integrated software
  • Customizable fingertips
  • Flexibility in production


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