Introducing the OnRobot Soft Gripper – the perfect solution for your food and beverage production, manufacturing or packaging needs. This gripper can easily pick up a variety of irregular and delicate items such as eggs, fruit, bottles or cans thanks to its three interchangeable silicone molded trays. Its seamless integration with a robot of your choice guarantees maximum flexibility in your automated processes. What’s more, this gripper operates without an external air supply, eliminating the additional cost or complexity that can come with traditional vacuum grippers. You also don’t have to deal with dust or noise. With the OnRobot Soft Gripper, your food and beverage automation is now even easier and more efficient.

  • Certified grabber for food
  • No air supply required
  • Flexible interchangeable silicone suction cups
  • Handle dimensions from 11mm – 118mm


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