When you use a Cobot with the Heavy Duty Optima 3D Scanner from Evatronix, you get an automated 3D scanner system. This autonomous measuring unit is able to work continuously in production.
With URcap, the installation is similar to a plug & play mode. You can easily set the parameters for the upcoming scans in single scan or HDR mode. You can also use the 3D Suite software from eviXscan to its full extent and post-process your scans or export them as 3D models.
As the programming of the robot paths is very simple, you have automated quality control within a very short time.

The 3D scanner uses structured blue LED light. This light has the lowest refractive index of visible light. With this 3D scanner you can achieve a measuring accuracy of up to 0.0183 mm and a point density of 95 pt/mm2. It is suitable for objects with a size of 2 cm to 150 cm.

To make scanning even easier and more effective, use the eviXscan turntable.

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