Introducing the Gecko Single Pad (SP) Gripper - an innovation that utilizes Gecko adhesive gripper technology for small footprint applications that previously could not be automated. Inspired by the gecko's adhesive ability, this technology provides precise, non-marking gripping that works perfectly with perforated objects such as printed circuit boards or even shiny surfaces, without the need for a cleaning process.
Our Gecko SP gripper is available in three different models - SP1, SP3 and SP5 - each named after their load capacity in kilograms. They are compatible with leading small robots and cobots and feature a compact single-pad design that allows easy access to workpieces, even in tight spaces.
The Gecko SP Gripper requires no electronics or air supply and is a cost-effective, true plug-and-play solution that integrates seamlessly with the robot of your choice. Say goodbye to the hassle of complicated set-up and enjoy the convenience of the Gecko SP Gripper's simple and effective design. Try it now and experience the benefits of this revolutionary gripper technology!

  • Compact, lightweight and flexible
  • No cables or air supply necessary
  • No gripping marks on the workpieces
  • Little to no programming required


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