Meet the OnRobot VGP20 vacuum gripper, the world's most powerful electric vacuum gripper, ideal for automating the palletizing of cartons and the cost-effective handling of bulky, porous and irregularly shaped objects. With unlimited customization options, it can automate a wide range of applications that traditionally require pneumatic grippers, saving up to 90% on operating and maintenance costs. Built-in intelligence and user-friendly software provide precise airflow control and the ability to handle multiple objects of different shapes and sizes. The VGP20's powerful vacuum flow can even grab porous objects, reducing waste and helping shippers save more. It is equipped with an option to continuously monitor the gripper's airflow to ensure a safe and efficient automated solution for your object handling needs.

  • The most powerful electric vacuum gripper in the industry
  • Ideal for palletizing cartons
  • No compressed air required
  • Cost-effective and versatile


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