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Collaborative robots for confined working areas

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Automation in confined working environments – The result

Due to the increase in order volume, Multi-Wing CZ had to find a way to make better use of the limited space. The existing production should be increased despite the limited space. The production costs have fallen by 10-20% with the use of a UR5, which means a saving of 7,000 euros per year. At the same time there were additional production capacities.

The challenges in the company

In order for Multi-Wing to meet the increasing demand, part of the production had to be automated. The company manufactures axial fan solutions for ventilation systems and aims to play a greater role in the global market.

Due to the limited space, a conventional robot was out of the question, as it requires a safety enclosure. The company wanted a small and cost-effective robot that was also flexible from the start.

  • Competitive pressure

  • Limited space

  • Cost pressure

“Compared to competing robots, the acquisition of the UR5 meant a faster return on investment. We had no problems with this flexible, fast and affordable solution, which has opened up numerous savings opportunities and new perspectives for us. We are excited about the Universal Robots technology.”

David Hosek, Multi-Wing CZ

The solution from Universal Robots

The company decided to use a UR5 robot for the automatic production machine that installs aluminium pieces in hubs. Fully automated, the robot arm places the unfinished castings in the automatic machine, removes them after machining and transfers them to a broaching machine, which mills a groove into them. The Cobot does all this without any safety enclosure. The effective use of space has made it possible to create even more space in the limited environment.

With the use of the Cobot, the loading speed increased by 70%

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