Introducing the Robotiq PE Palettizer – the perfect addition to your production line for efficient and seamless palletizing. This solution offers pre-built and pre-programmed connections between the robot controller and the hardware, making integration a breeze without the need for additional design or programming work.
The Robotiq palletizing solution features high cycle time and optimized robot movements based on the pallet layout, providing a faster payback than other robotic solutions.
Thanks to its small footprint, the Robotiq palletizing solution fits easily into your existing floor plan, eliminating the need to redesign the floor layout. Safety is also a priority, with built-in safety features, and third-party protection devices are supported by the system and easy to integrate.
Invest in the Robotiq palletizing solution for an efficient and safe palletizing process that saves you time and money, increases productivity and ensures a longer life for your robot.What can palletizing robots do?

  • Secure and Flexible
  • Processes up to 13 cartons per minute
  • Robot movements are automatically generated


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