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Best quality assembly with collaborative robots

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The result at a glance

Fluidics Instruments B.V. uses a total of 12 collaborating robots (Cobots) from Universal Robots in production. This means that production and turnover can be constantly increased, despite the lack of skilled workers. The manufacturer of oil burner components is on the right track.

The challenges in the company

Like many other companies in various industries, Fluidics is constantly faced with an important challenge: The order situation is variable. There are small productions that are only in the range for a short time, but there are also products that are manufactured in very large batches. Therefore the use of the machines varies greatly.

In addition, the lack of skilled workers also plays a major role in the Netherlands.

Fluidics therefore tried to outsource production. However, this did not produce the desired quality. Another solution had to be considered.

  • Variable order situation

  • Lack of skilled workers

  • Cost pressure

  • Highest quality necessary

  • Outsourcing not possible

The solution from Universal Robots

The company actually found a suitable solution: production automation. The company relies on a number of machines and robots, including Universal Robots’ collaborating robots.

An important feature of the Cobot is its flexibility in use. This enables Fluidics to cope with the variable order situation. If a CNC machine is temporarily not in operation, the Cobot can easily be assigned to a new task. In this case it is usually the assembly of another machine. For such variable jobs, two UR5 and one UR10 have been mounted on mobile workstations.

“With the help of our 12 UR robots we are able to offer our customers the usual quality ‘Made in the Netherlands’ and to increase our production, both in terms of batch size and product range.”

Huward Wijnen, Fluidics Instruments B.V.

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