The AIM FD HIGHV completes the FD series from AIM Robotics. The dispensing system is designed to serve high volume applications. With the external delivery system, high volumes of fluids can be dispensed without interruption.

AIM Robotics’ dosing system is based on a modular design that allows for a quick change to the FD310 or the FD400. The FD HIGHV is optimized for use on Universal Robots collaborative robots and is a UR+ product.

Fluids from low to high viscosity are dispensed evenly by the AIM FD HIGHV, thanks to AirLess Technology™, without the need for a compressed air connection. With the various screw augers from AIM Robotics, fluid dosing can be perfectly adjusted to your need.

  • Patented SteadyFlow™ technology for synchronized flow with robotic movement
  • Precise and consistent dispensing thanks to AirLess Technology™
  • Ready to use in just 10 minutes


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