The AIM FD HIGHV completes the FD series from AIM Robotics. The dosing system was developed to handle high-volume applications. With the external feed system, high volumes of liquids can be dosed and dispensed without interruption.

The dispensing system from AIM Robotics is based on a modular design that enables a quick changeover to the FD310 or the FD400. The FD HIGHV is optimized for use on collaborative robots from Universal Robots and is a UR+ product.

Thanks to AirLess Technology™, the AIM FD HIGHV dispenses liquids of low to high viscosity evenly without the need for a compressed air connection. With the various worm screws from AIM Robotics, the dosing of the liquid can be perfectly adapted to your requirements.

  • Patented SteadyFlow™ technology for synchronized flow with robot movement
  • Precise and constant dosing thanks to AirLess Technology™
  • Ready to use in just 10 minutes


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