The Corona pandemic has greatly accelerated the trend towards digitalization and the use of automation solutions. To better protect employees and further increase efficiency, many entrepreneurs are using collaborative robots. They are suitable for many applications in many industries.

In the coming years, this trend will continue and find its way into more industries. For this reason, knowledge in robotics is an important foundation for many careers in the industry. Therefore, it is becoming more and more important to integrate the topic of robotics into teaching or training. Cobots do this very well because they are handy and easy to operate.

The concept for a successful career start

As an instructor or vocational school teacher, how can you best integrate the basics of robotics into your lessons? How do you design the lessons and what prior knowledge do you need?

To help you successfully meet this challenge, Universal Robots has launched UNIVERSAL ROBOTS EDUCATION. With this perfectly matched learning content, you can integrate the topics of robotics and automation technology into your teaching and prepare tomorrow’s skilled workers for use in their work environment.

The most important part of the concept is the programming. The students can try out the robots themselves at hardware stations, and in online training courses and with the appropriate teaching materials, the students can further deepen the content. The training concept consists of several modules that are coordinated with each other, but can also be used individually.

roboter programmieren lernen cobots

The concept consists of these units:

  • Online training at the Universal Robots Academy
  • Offline simulator
  • Hardware learning stations
  • Teacher guide and workbook as teaching materials
  • On-site training at Universal Robots

A successful application of the UNIVERSAL ROBOTS EDUCATION concept is shown by the example of MAN Truck & Bus. Together with a Munich vocational school, the company wanted to use the concept to teach its trainees robotics and automation technology.
This was very successful and now the students have the opportunity to get to know collaborative robots and learn the basics of programming.

Universal Robots Education

The concept consists of several pillars covering different aspects:

Basic programming knowledge: The online training courses of the Universal Robots Academy are accessible free of charge and provide the necessary knowledge for programming the cobots. The Academy consists of 13 free modules.

Offline simulations: Universal Robots’ offline simulation allows your students to program a robot on the real user interface. Afterwards, the program can be transferred from the PC to a robot. This allows teaching with only one cobot per class.

Teaching technical knowledge in a practical way: Use the hardware learning stations to program various applications. The hardware stations consist of conveyor belts, sensors and various exercise plates. In this way, you can teach your students the knowledge of collaborative robotics in a practical way.

Teaching materials: One of the most important parts of the concept is the teacher’s guide and the workbook. The teacher guide is for you as a teacher and helps you to prepare and conduct the lessons well. With the help of different teaching objectives you have a good flow for your lessons.
The Workbook is for your students. It helps your students with various tasks and thus guides them through the subject matter together with the online training.

Further trainings: In order to be perfectly prepared as a teacher, you can book trainings in the training centers of Universal Robots.

Contact us if you would like to integrate this concept into your teaching.

Here is more about the Universal Robots Education Kit.

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