How does a Cobot integration work?

You would like to invest in a Cobot, but are still unsure how the whole process will work? We show you the most important milestones for a successful integration of Cobots into your processes.

1. Clarify objectives and challenges

Very important for a successful integration of the Cobots is a clarification of the goals and the existing challenges. This way the integrator knows what is important to you and which challenges you want to solve. Make it clear what you want to achieve with the collaborating robot. Together with the integrator you will look at all possible aspects.

2. Meeting in the company on site

The next step is a personal meeting at your company. During this meeting the production environment will be closely examined and analysed. The contact person will also demonstrate a Cobot. You can test it and see for yourself how easy it is to use.

2.1 Meetings in other companies that use Cobots

Sometimes it is also possible to visit other companies that already use Cobots. Then you can see the Cobot in real use and be completely convinced. A visit is particularly worthwhile for similar applications.

You would like to convince yourself personally?

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3. Concept development

When all details have been clarified and you have had a chance to test the Cobot briefly, the integrator will create a concept with all service providers involved. After your confirmation of the concept, the concrete development of the entire system is already underway.

4. Testing

The system with the collaborating robot has been created and is now ready for extensive testing within your intended application. In order to keep the downtimes for your production low, the tests take place at the integrator.

Einrichtung eines Cobots von Universal Robots

5. Employee training

In the same process, your employees will be trained with the UR Academy or a one-day training course. Even after these short but extensive training sessions, a good use of the Cobots is possible. In the next few weeks your employees’ knowledge will be further consolidated.

6. Installation in the company

If everything works perfectly, the installation is carried out at your company. This installation usually takes only 1-2 days. So the operation is hardly ever stopped. Thus a smooth transition is possible.

7. Make optimizations

After the installation you can do some optimizations yourself in the following weeks and further adapt the Cobot to your needs. Often the Cobots can be adapted much better to the cycle times of different machines.

These milestones show you quite well the uncomplicated and fast implementation of the integration of a Cobot. You too can benefit from a Cobot in your company.
The important advantages quickly become clear from the milestones:

  • You increase the productivity and efficiency of your company
  • Your employees are relieved. Use them wisely.
  • You can react flexibly.
  • You are one step ahead of the competition.
  • You can easily program the Cobot yourself.

Even and especially in small companies a Cobot makes a lot of sense.