Cobots are not just new types of industrial robots. They are collaborative robots. This means that they work as colleagues in your team. When we say colleagues, we really mean like colleagues. They work together with your employees and relieve them of strenuous and monotonous tasks. Together with the cobots, your employees can achieve much more.
Incidentally, they can beused in almost any industry.

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Cobots solve many challenges

Finding and retaining skilled workers is a major problem for industry. In order to solve this shortage of skilled workers, companies must become more attractive so that they can retain existing skilled workers and attract new ones. In addition, the company's own skilled workers must be deployed more effectively. Repetitive tasks should therefore not be carried out by skilled workers wherever possible, but automated using cobots.

Cobots help you to relieve your employees and produce even faster while maintaining the same high quality. This is possible in many industries.

cobots repetitive tasks

Can cobots really work alongside and with humans?

Yes, it really is possible! Depending on the safety assessment, the cobots are allowed to produce with your employees without a safety fence. They complete individual work steps and hand objects to their human colleagues for further processing.
They screw together parts that have been prepared in advance. They pack products on a packaging line and assemble packages.
This feature allows them to be used with complete flexibility in your production.

Fast ROI

Cobots are good team players in another aspect. They are generally easy to implement and program. This means that integration is usually very straightforward and further operation is often possible without external support.
All of this has a positive effect on the return on investment. In most cases, the cobot purchase pays for itself after just one year.

Greater efficiency

Cobots are not only team players and quickly amortized, they also increase the efficiency of individual work steps and significantly reduce material waste. When your employees go home after work, the cobots continue to work. This means they can complete particularly monotonous and time-consuming tasks 24/7 and your employees can concentrate on more demanding tasks.

cobots in the food industry

Wide range of applications

Your product quality does not have to suffer under high production volumes. Thanks to the repeat accuracy of +/+ 0.03mm, collaborative robots can perform the same task for hours without losing precision.
This means that even quality controls, where precision is even more important, are possible.

Still can't believe that collaborative robots can really take over tasks right next to your employees and work together with them?

Then take a look at this video or arrange a Cobot demo or rental. A test of your planned task is then easily possible.

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